I do offer 12 month payment plans please email me for details tentinytoesbabiesnursery@gmail.com


Latest edition to my collection is smiling Snow,  shes 20 inch 8.7lb  poured in one piece, open mouth, in soft blend available with armature.

No armature £3500

armature £ 3600



Mia is 20 inches long, around 9lb all one piece, she can have a wet and drink option and armatures and also the option of eco flex 20 or Soft blend silicone. each baby is poured fresh to order so please allow 3-6 weeks,

£3500 no  armatures

£3600 with armatures

shipping is extra



Willow/William available as boy or girl

shes 20 inches long weighs around 8.8lb

available in 20 eco flex, soft blend  with or with out armature

£3500 no armature

   £3600 with armature